From 26th September – Harvest Sunday


I met with the PCC on 14th September to discuss our current pattern of services and the next stage of our opening up in light of current government and Church of England guidance. I think it might be easier to sum up our discussion in bullet points:


  1. Harvest Sunday 26th September – We will return to our Morning services of 8am and 10am services. At 10am, we will go to 4 hymns and the normal service booklets will be returned to both services. (Please keep hold of your interim Holy Communion booklets, just in case). Our Evening services will follow shortly after this date, but we have one or two things to arrange for this service.  The start date for Sunday Club is to be confirmed.

  2. Restrictions – From 26th September there will be no booking system or social distancing required. However, we strongly recommend the continued use of face coverings, and use of the hand sanitisers in and out of church.

  3. Holy Communion - We will return to the practice of coming up to the altar rail to receive Holy Communion. We are going to trial the use individual cups to receive the wine. I will continue to take Holy Communion to those in the pews after the main distribution has taken place.

  4. Coffee – Coffee after services will resume from this date for those who wish to stay.

  5. Newsletter – The Newsletter will cease to be produced from this date and Welcome to Worship will return and will be emailed out to church members.

  6. Church Room – The Church Room will be open again to Church groups only



I’d like to thank the PCC for their time and consideration of these important matters. I sincerely hope that we don’t have to return to more conservative restrictions but of course this cannot be ruled out in the future.


It is difficult to thank all those individually who have been involved in facilitating the Church services during the more restrictive periods of Covid. They are far too many to mention !!!! But I do thank everyone. It has been a magnificent Team Effort.


I sincerely hope that as we return to some semblance of normality that God will richly bless us. Please continue in your prayers for St. Peter’s and our Church life.





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