Friends of St. Peter's Little Aston

Each week, the churchyard at St. Peters is visited by a huge number of people attending the grave of someone they love. As such it is a priority for St. Peters Little Aston to maintain it to a very high standard.

We believe we have one of the best kept churchyards in the local area and we wish for this to continue. However, maintenance costs continue to escalates, especially with the extension to the churchyard opened a couple of years ago. Inevitably, the amount the church can allocate to maintenance is dependent on other projects, all competing for already limited funds.

The PCC of St. Peters has therefore decided to set-up a separate account under the name: Friends of St. Peters Little Aston. We hope that, in time, this will be self-financing, providing the necessary funds to pay for all future churchyard maintenance and planting.

Anyone who would like to consider contributing a modest amount of money each month, say £5 or £10, to the Friends of St. Peters, should contact one of the Vergers, who can send out the appropriate forms.